Blue Steel

John Wayne plays John Carruthers who is hot on the trail of the bad guy who kidnapped the heroine. He is pursued and stopped by the sheriff, who thinks he’s an outlaw. By the time they get everything sorted, the sheriff discovers Carruthers is actually a federal marshal.

Lawless Frontier, The

1097. THE LAWLESS FRONTIER (1934-USA). With JOHN WAYNE, CABBY HAYES, YAKIMA CANUTT. The young Duke is after the half-breed rustier who killed his father. The local sheriff however, thinks he’s a member of the gang. 52 minutes.

Randy Rides Alone

1098. RANDY RIDES ALONE (1934-USA). With JOHN WAYNE, GABBY HAYES, YAKIMA CANUTT. When gold shipments start disappearing, Big John is sent to investigate. Arriving just after another robbery, Wayne is arrested and jailed as a member of the gang! 52 minutes. Western

Terror Of Tiny Town, The

105. THE TERROR OF TINY TOWN (1936-usa). With an all-midget cast. ThatÕs right-an all-midget cast! This “rollickin’, rootin’, tootin’, shootin’ drama of the great outdoors” really has to be seen to be believed! An offbeat novelty item if there ever was one, it has recently achieved some notoriety by being cited as one of “the fifty worst films of all time.” But it’s much too aware of its own absurdities, much too consciously funny, to deserve such extreme abuse. You’ll have a great time, as did the twisted minds that conceived the film, as you encounter every possible Western stereotype (the wholesome hero in white, the despicable villain in black, the innocent cowgirl, the worldly dance hall girl, etc.) and situation (gun fighting, brawling, hard riding, cattle rustling, stageÂcoach robbing, romantic serenading, family feuding)-all turned inside out and upside down by the oddball cast. As you might expect, the half-pint actors-or their stunt(ed) doubles-ride around on ponies. But the rest of the props, and all of Tiny Town’s settings, are built on a normal scale (so cowÂboys wield seemingly gigantic guns, or have to go under the saloon’s swinging doors). Everything you’ve always wanted in a Western-plus a tiny bit more! 63 minutes. All Midget Western