Attack Of The Robots

994. ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS (1966-France-Spain). With EDDIE CONSTANTINE, FERNANDO KEY. A fast-moving, humorous spy adventure with a preposterous plot about individuals being turned into roÂbots and programmed to commit political assassinations. To discover the leaders of the robot organization, Interpol hires a hard-boiled former secret agent, whose chief interests are fighting, gambling, and sex. His search takes him to various exotic locales, where he encounters beautiful but treacherous women, kidnapping attempts, Chinese spies, car chases, double and triple crosses, and lots of violence. Of course, this isn’t comÂpletely original, but it copies from the very best. When Interpol gives the agent electrified gloves, an exploding umbrella, a cigar bomb, and a pen that becomes a flute – the sound of which breaks a glass vial, releasing gas – his reaction is, “How many James Bond films have you seen recently?” The reply: “More than you think!” Keep your tongue firmly planted in your cheek, and you’ll have a good time with this light-hearted spy spoof. Dubbed into English. 88 minutes. Suspense-Adventure

Tomorrow At Seven

929. TOMORROW AT SEVEN (1933-USA). With CHESTER MORRIS, ALLEN JENKINS, CHARLES MIDDLETON. Who is The Black Ace? Glad you asked! He’s a mysterious killer who always warns his victim and leaves an Ace of Spades on the corpse as his calling card. 62 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense

Kennel Murder Case, The

93. THE KENNEL MURDER CASE (1933-usa). WITH William Powell, Mary Astor, Eugene Pallette, Ralph Morgan, Jack laRue. Directed by Michael Curtiz. This entertaining mystery was named as one of the three best detective movies of all time in William Everson’s definitive study. The detective in film, William Powell, supported by a colorful cast of character actors and canines, is superb in his fourth and final appearance as the suave sleuth Philo Vance. (A year later, Powell would begin his long run as Nick Charles in “The Thin Man” series.) This is a classically-constructed, ingenious “locked room” puzzle: a ruthless man, hated by enough people to fill a phone book, is found dead in his almost hermetically-sealed library, and although the police call it a clear case of suicide, the debonair detective is convinced it’s murder. With his typical wit, charm and intelligence, he methodically questions the gallery of suspects (the chief one of whom is himself found murdered!), painstakingly reconstructs the very complex crime, and arrives at the deÂlightfully unexpected conclusion. Despite its inevitable need for lots of explanatory dialogue, the film has is dazzingly rapid paceÑwith almost breathless transitions between scenesÑand the kinds of exciting visuals one would expect from director Michael Curtiz (CASABLANCA, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY). One of the rare mysÂtery movies that manages to keep us baffled without ever concealing important cluesÑand because we haven’t been cheated, the revelation al the end is simultaneously surprising and satisfying. 74 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense

Mr. Reeder In Room 13

940. MR. REEDER IN ROOM 13 (Mystery Of Room 13) (1938-England). With GIBB McLAUGHLIN. Based on a story by EDGAR WALLACE. He looks like an English gentleman, but he’s a tough crime fighter out to get the goods on a gang of counterfeiters. Stay with this one…it pays! 66 minutes.

Black Dragons

92. BLACK DRAGONS (1942-USA). With BELA LUGOSI, CLAYTON MOORE. A combination horror-espionage opus. During the war, a gang of Japs use a Nazi plastic surgeon to become the doubles of America’s business leaders. The evil doctor then changes his mind and turns the Japanese into zombies! 60 minutes.

High Command, The

879. THE HIGH COMMAND (1938-England). With LIONEL ATWILL, JAMES MASON. A British tale of honor, tradition and murder in the Colonial Service. Two murders, 16 years apart, are set against an outpost off the African coast. A jolly good mystery! 84 minutes.

Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon

887. SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SECRET WEAPON (The Secret Weapon) (1942-USA). With BASIL RATHBONE, NIGEL BRUCE, LIONEL ATWILL. Dr. Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes battle once again, this time for the sake of the British war effort! Based on “The Ten Dancing Men” by ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. 68 minutes.

Port Of New York

917. PORT OF NEW YORK (1949-USA). With SCOTT BRADY, YUL BRYNNER, K.T. STEVENS. An excellent fiimed-in-New York narcotics caper. While the G-Men try to track down a shipment of dope, murders and a manhunt take place, with an action climax in the harbor! 82 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense