Norton Herrick Center Wins Knight Arts Challenge to Expand Cosford Classics

The  Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies was selected from nearly 1,200 applicants to receive one of 47 South Florida Knights Arts Challenge grants. It will use the $15,000 award to expand the Cosford Cinema’s Cosford Classics series, which showcases films presented on 35 mm.

According to center director Christina Lane, the Knight Foundation grant will enable the Herrick Center to enhance the classic series by inviting guest curators, including local film experts and internationally known scholars and filmmakers, to speak about each film, its cultural significance, and the importance of film preservation in modern culture. At its most recent Cosford Classics screening of the Ingmar Bergman drama Autumn Sonata, legendary actress and director Liv Ullmann, who starred in the film with fellow actress Ingrid Bergman, was on hand for a post-screening Q&A session.

“We are truly delighted about this support for the series, especially because it helps to support a core mission,”  said Lane, associate professor of film studies in the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media. “With our 35mm film screenings, we create a truly cinematic experience in a shared public space. We bring film history alive for new generations.”

In all, the Knight Foundation awarded a total of $2.29 million to 47 mainly small arts organizations, collectives, and individual artists who had the “best ideas for bringing South Florida together through the arts.” Other ideas included launching an artist-in-residency program over the water at Stiltsville, setting traditional Indian dance to the rhythms of Afro-Cuban poetry, and presenting a play based on the stories of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Located at the School of Communication, the Herrick Center is home to the extraordinary collection of moving image materials that Norton Herrick, chairman of Herrick Entertainment, a motion picture and theatrical production and financing company, donated to the School of Communication. The collection consists of more than 3,000 films and television programs, including many rare and otherwise unavailable titles.

One of the major projects of the Herrick Center, which is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of the history, aesthetics and social and cultural impact of motion picture media, is to digitize materials in the collection to make them accessible online to UM student and faculty.

Outlaw, The

820. THE OUTLAW (1941-usa). With Jane Russell, Thomas Mitchell, Walter Huston, Jack BEUTEL. Produced and directed by Howard Hughes. Musical Direction by Victor Young. The screen debut of Jane Russell (who Bob Hope once introduced as “the two and only”). She is an obvious stroke of genius by the billionaire-to-be Mr. Hughes. The furor raised by the sensuality of Jane’s cleavage was priceless publicity for the film, and in fact launched her career. “The OutlawÓ is a story of the untamed west. Frontier days when the reckless use of guns and passions blazed an era of death, destruction and lawlessness. Days when the fiery desert sun beat down avengingly on the many who dared defy justice and outrage decency.” A story of Sheriff Pat Garrett, Doc Holliday and Billy The Kid, three remarkable gentlemen of the old frontier. The fast draw sequences are faster than the eye can follow; the action is well paced and engrossing. A truly memorable saga of the West, the distraction caused by Jane Russell not withstanding. (Although completed and briefly exhibited in 1941, the film was not released for an extended run until January of 1950!) A haunting theme song also helped make this one of the top grossing westerns of all time. 105 minutes Western

Mr. Robinson Crusoe

38. MR. ROBINSON CRUSOE (1932-usa). With douglas Fairbanks sr. music by Alfred NEWMAN. Shot as a silent film with titles, but released as a sound feature with music, haunting sound effects, but no lip-synch dialogue. One Of the most enjoyable films Fairbanks ever made, and a tour-de-force that only he could have starred in. A wealthy sportsman bets S1000 he can live on a primitive tropical island for one month with none Of the comforts Of civilization. Stunningly filmed in Tahiti, Fiji and Samoa. The way “Crusoe” rebuilds the island is a joy to behold. Highly recommended for the entire family. 70 minutes. Drama-Adventure


Buster Keaton goes to college but finds that he can’t cut it with the jocks or the ladies. Once circumstances force him to prove his athletic prowess, he wins the girl of his dreams.

Keystone Comedies: Mabel, Fatty And Harold Lloyd

2060. KEYSTONE COMEDIES VOLUME II: Mabel, Fatty and Harold Lloyd (1915). Producer MACK SENNETT seldom bothered with scripts or even sets. If there was a fair or an amusement park, you set up a camera, told your actors to be funny…and they were!
1. FATTY AND MABEL AT THE SAN DIEGO EXPOSITION. (January, 1915). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, MABEL NORMAND, minta DURFEE, HARRY GRIBBON, EDGAR KENNEDY. Fatty and Mabel let loose at an amusement park… And keep your eye on those hula dancers! Mole: this film also appears as cat. #2878.
2. FATTY AND MABEL’S SIMPLE LIFE (January, 191 S). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, MABEL NORMAND, AL ST. JOHN. Marry my son or i’ll foreclose on your mortgage (where have we seen this plot before?) Mabel says “no!” Fatty agrees! Note: this film also appears as cat. #2878.
3. MABLE AND FATTY’S WASH DAY (January, 1915). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, MABEL NORMAND. Mabel and Fatty are married, but not to each other! When both do the wash, guess who gets caught in the wringer!
4. COURT HOUSE CROOKS (July, 191S). With HAROLD LLOYD, MINTA DURFEE, FORD STERLING, Buxom Minta is married to the judge, but flirts with the District Attorney, but poor Harold Lloyd winds up in the clink! Note: this film also appears as cat. #2845. “Silent” films with music score. 6S minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies