She Demons

1165. SHE DEMONS (1958-USA). With IRISH McCALLA, TOD GRIFFIN. A fierce hurricane hits a small coastal town. A motor launch, which had been out on a cruise, gets caught in the storm, and its passengers end up stranded on a remote island. They includes media mogul’s mindless, spoiled, self-centered daughter (buxom, blonde-haired Irish McCalla), who’s at first more concerned with her lack of wardrobe than with the welfare of her companions McCalla looks great in short-shorts; among her more prominent lines are, “Give me some privacy while I undress.’ However, this island is no paradise. First, the party learns that it’s a bombing range. Next, they find some strange footprints. Finally, one of them is savagely murdered, It seems that they have stumbled onto an isle thatÕs inhabited by a tribe of sexy, modestly-garbed she demons, some Nazi agents, and a mad scientist a war criminal who commands his charges to “Shnell, idioten” and who has perfected a serum that transforms human beings into beasts. Produced on a budget of about $11.99, this Grade Z quickie is hilarious high camp. 68 minutes. Horror-Adventure

Human Monster, The

1120. THE HUMAN MONSTER (Dark Eyes of London) (1939-Great Britain). Wish BEIA LUGOSI. One of the most macabre of horror films! Lugosi plays the “brilliant but unbalanced” Dr. Orloff, an unlicensed medical doctor who owns an insurance company. In his spare time, he works with indigent blind men in a London settleÂment. Beware. This man is no philanthropist He is a fiendish killer! Murder and mayhem abound in this mystery, based on the novel by EDGAR WALLACE. A rash of drownings brings crack Inspector Holt of Scotland Yard to Dr. OrloffÕs door. Several of the dead men had loans or insurance policies with Dr. Orloff. (Float a loan with this man and you may soon be floating down the Thames as a corpse.) With a Chicago cop named O’Reilly and the daughter of one of the victims. Holt solves the crime with typical Scotland Yard flair. At the home for the blind, Orloff has built a torture chamber which he calls his “hospital room.” His blind assistant lake, a man/monster with a face that would scare Lon Chancy, drowns innocent victims in a water tank and throws them into the Thames at the mad docÂtor’s command. In his most hideous act, the sadistic Orloff ties a blind mute to a bed and electronically zaps his ears to deafen “the poor creature.” “Give me a gun and a bunch of hi-jackers, and I’m okay,” brags O’Reilly. But Holt counters, “There is no third degree in this country. We catch our crooks with kindness.” And so Dr. Orloff meets his just desÂtiny not with the violence of a gun, but by drowning in quicksand, having been pushed from his laboratory window into the (midlands by lake, the human monster he himself created. “When a dog goes mad, he has to be destroyed,” Holt insists. Dr. Orloff is one of Lugosi’s most heinous villains and The Human Monster is as frightening a film as ever was made about the dark streets of London! 76 minutes. Horror

Ape, The

1090. THE APE (1940-USA). With BORIS KARLOFF. The village folks don’t care much for Dr. Adrian. In fact, the good citizens have considered running him out of town. They suspect the doctor has gone too far in his experiments. But there may be madness to his method! When a ferocious ape escapes from a travelling circus. Dr. Adrian emÂbarks on a fiendish plot to obtain human spinal fluids needed for a serum to make crippled people walk again. When a pretty teenager whom he is treating for paralysis gradually is able to move her foot, he realizes his plan probably is succeeding. And who could better play the doctor than Boris Karloff. His deliberate manner, a quiet demeanor that disguises a healthy mind gone askew, the famous soft lisping voice, now and then a twitching eye; these are the nuances that set moviegoers on the edges of their seats for half a century. The Ape is the essence of the Hollywood horror film, with a mad doctor portrayed by the master of maniacal movies and a frightening ape as destrucÂtive as King Kong and as mighty as Joe Young. It is the gripping tale of a devoted (and demented!) physician who takes the lives of the undeserving so that he might cure the suffering of innocent young people. It’s a horror film of the old school that may not make your blood curdle but it may make your spinal fluids tingle! 62 minutes. Horror

Monster Maker, The

1026. THE MONSTER MAKER (1944-USA). With J. CARROLL NAISH, RALPH MORGAN. A mad scientist injects his victims with a serum that makes their heads grow huge! A neat little thriller, but nothing to get a swell head about! 66 minutes. Horror

Ape Man, The

1061. THE APE MAN (1943-USA). With BELA LUGOSI. A mad scientist gives himself the powers of an ape (and a yen for bananas?). The antidote is human spinal fluid…O.K., you’ve guessed the rest. So what did you expect from a Lugosi film with a name like this, “MacBeth?” 62 minutes. Horror