I’ve Got A Secret

360. I’VE GOT A SECRET (C. NOV. 1966-USA). CBS-TV. With STEVE ALLEN-host. Panelists: BETSY PALMER, HENRY MORGAN, BESS MEYERSON, BILL CULLEN. Sponsored by Remington Shavers. Tareyton ,Broxodent Electric Toothbrush, Guests include WALTER PIDGEON . A good example of the famous panel show. 29 minutes. TV Game Show

Masquerade Party

362. MASQUERADE PARTY (c. March, 1955-USA). ABC-TV net. Sponsored by Esquire Shoe Polish, Remington Electric Shaver. PETER DONALD-host- Panelists: OGDEN NASH, BUFF COBB, ILKA CHASE, BOBBY SHERWOOD, REX MARSHALL announcing. A long running favorite where celebrities are made up beyond recognition and the panelists try to guess who they are. Masqueraders include a senator, a movie actress, and DUKE ELLINGTON! 30 minutes. Television Game Show