Gay Ranchero, The (Roy Rogers)

Manzanita Springs ia a combination small airline and spa and Vance Brados wants it. He pays their mechanic to have the planes run out of fuel so his men can rob the gold shipments and kill the pilots. After Sheriff Roy Rogers catches the mechanic, Roy plans one more gold shipment to get proof and this time his men will be ready. But it looks like Roy’s plan will fail when Brados suspects a trap and call off the raid

Black Panthers, The

2576. THE BLACK PANTHERS (1968-USA). Two films made by the militant negro organization. What they lack in polish, they compensate for with hatred, dedication and sincerity, 1. BLACK PANTHERS: HUEY NEWTON. A documentary about the “Free Huey Newton” rally held while Mr. Newton was held in jail by “the pigs.” Heard at the rally were Bobby Seale, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver and other radicals, 2. THE NEWSREEL. An “official” release of the Black Panthers. Huey Newton is interviewed while in jail. Eldridge Cleaver is heard, as is Bobby Seale who describes the goals of the Panthers. 47 minutes total. Actualities

Person To Person

2502. PER50N TO PERSON (1954-1956) CBS-TV net. EDWARD R. MURROW visits the homes of famous people on live television, plus a special report on our “Ambassador Of Jazz.” 1. ED INTERVIEWS MR. and MRS. MILTON GREEN (photographer for Look magazine) and their house guest MARILYN MONROE in Connecticut (April 8, 1955).
2. A VISIT TO HUMPHREY BOGART AND LAUREN BACALL (1954) at their Los Angeles home.
3. BING CROSBY MEETS ED (on December 3, 1954), complete with Bing’s toupee.
4. EDDIE FISHER and DEBBIE REYNOLDS (c.1956) take Ed through their Hollywood home (and swimming pool).
5. ED MURROW NARRATES A FILMED PORTRAIT OF LOUIS ARMSTRONG and HIS ALL-STARS (November and December of 1955). Ed also interviews Louis.
6. EILA FITZGERALD RECALLS HER EARLY DAYS IN SHOW BUSINESS. She shows off her four Grammy awards and collection of photos.
7. W.C. HANDY TELLS THE “REAL” STORY OF HOW HE CAME TO WRITE “THE ST. LOUIS BLUES,” (c. 1956) and then plays it on his trumpet!
56 minutes total. Actuality

Adolph Hitler’s Home Movies

2025. ADOLPH HITLER’S HOME MOVIES (late 1930s/mid-1940s-Germany). COLOR. The infamous Eva Braun was the mistress of Adolph Hitler, and this film consists of the home movies she filmed prior to and during the Second World War. Most of the footage was shot in and around Hitler’s picturesque mountaintop estate. It shows Der Fuhrer in various informal settings, garbed both in civilian dress and military uniform. He is seen reading press reports, conversing with Nazis officials, greeting foreign dignitaries and national celebrities and strolling around the estate grounds. Hitler is often shown playing with the children of his underlings. Eva poses with her various pet dogs and picks flowers with the wife of Albert Speer. There are personal, up-close looks at such infamous souls as Speer, Martin Bormann, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich. After a while the film takes on a surreal quality. On one level, these might be the home movies of your next door neighbor’s grandmother, only with the presence of swastikas and men garbed in Nazi military attire. As you watch the film, it is imperative to bear in mind that the seemingly civilized men with smiling faces who stand around chatting in the sunlight were the same individuals responsible for the slaughter of millions. “Silent” film with musical score. 53 minutes. Actuality